Care and cleaning

Don't forget to clean Potty Duck!

Warning: All water toys can become moldy! Here's how to keep Potty Duck clean and mold-free:

1. Empty completely after each use by squeezing out all the water.

2. Clean the inside once a week by filling Potty Duck with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, then squeeze clean water into the duck to rinse.

3. Air dry Potty Duck by placing it on a dry, non-flat surface such as in a mesh bag or on the seat of the toy toilet.

4. Store in a dry place in open air.

 If you see signs of mold, discard your duck and order a new one.


"Our son is now fully potty trained, and we are very thankful for the 'help' of the toy. He really did enjoy playing with Potty Duck and it gave him some motivation to use the potty consistently."
- J. Eshleman, Lititz, Pennsylvania