Potty Duck - Learning Through Play!

Pediatrician-designed and award-winning Potty Duck turns potty training into playtime fun. By squeezing the rubber duck to make it “pee” in the toy toilet, your child is learning the steps to go themselves.

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Start Now - Use Before, During, and After Potty Training


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- Demonstrates how to use a toilet
- Boosts child's self-confidence and reduces fear of the toilet
- Can be used for a preparation stage of learning prior to actual potty training
- Helps children learn to go like the duck through sight, sound, and touch
- Assists all children, including those with special needs

Use BEFORE to teach
DURING to help train
AFTER to reinforce

Orders from our website will include new book: Hello Potty

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Potty Duck learns what to do (and not do!) with a new potty. A fun introduction to your child's new potty. 

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Developed by a pediatrician, Potty Duck is built on 7 pillars of toddler brain science

Potty Duck allows children to:

1. Learn through play (Ginsburg, 2007)
2. Imitate an example (Buttleman, 2013)
3. Learn new words (Whitehead, 2010)
4. Practice new skills (Fischer, 1980)
5. Relate to a buddy (Therrell, 2002)
6. Use multiple senses (Patterson & Werker, 2003)
7. Learn with a caring adult alongside (Kuhl, 2007)



"Potty Duck is the most magical potty training motivator available today."

- Dr. Barton Schmitt, American Academy of Pediatrics
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Safety tested

Potty Duck conforms to ASTM F963 safety requirements and is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Care and cleaning: 
Here's how to keep Potty Duck clean and fresh

- Empty Potty Duck completely after each use by squeezing out all the water

- Air dry by placing it on a dry, non-flat surface such as in a mesh bag or on the seat of the toy toilet

- Rinse the inside of the duck with vinegar once a week or place 1 cup of vinegar in the water with each bath time (safe and good for skin care, too).

- Store in a dry place in open air


Potty Duck in the News

Toy for toilet training developed by pediatrician, newspaper article


Local pediatrician develops toilet training toy, says newspaper article, to may potty training fun.       Parents are often anxious about toilet training, but new toy makes it fun and enjoyable, says article in Marketplace magazine


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