Brief history of potty toys

Introduced in 2016, Potty Duck™ is the newest toy for potty training, but it follows a long line of potty toys that dates back to the 1970s.

This 40-year line of toys primarily consists of the classic drink-and-wet dolls that have been repurposed as aids for potty training. Here is a timeline of the toys’ development:


Drs. R.M. Foxx and N.H. Azrin develop a research-tested potty training approach that uses a potty doll to demonstrate the use of a toilet.


Major toy manufacturers expand their drink-and-wet doll product lines to include potty training as a reason to buy the dolls, citing the Foxx and Azrin research.


Experts and parenting books recommend using a doll or a toy in potty training, including but not limited to:

• Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care

• What to Expect the Second Year (Murkoff)

• The Toddler Years (Jones)

• The Everything Guide to Potty Training (Bookout)

• The Baby Book (Dr. Sears)

Compare Potty Duck to potty dolls

Potty Duck is a unisex water toy that is super-fun and was made exclusively for potty training. It is sized for little hands and is easier for children to hold, see, and control the water’s flow.

In contrast, the water in most drink-and-wet dolls instantly flows out from the bottom with no means of control.

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