2017 Creative Child Toy Product of the Year Award Went to Potty Duck

June 12, 2017 – The Potty Duck™ potty training toy by Potty Discovery, LLC, Grayslake, Illinois, has been named the Creative Child Magazine’s 2017 Toy of the Year in the Toddler Products category. The Potty Duck is the first offering from Potty Discovery LLC, a newly launched potty training toy company that advocates for making potty training fun for children ages 18 months and above.

“We are honored to be named 2017 Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine,” said Dr. Shelly Mann, the pediatrician co-founder of Potty Discovery LLC. “Potty Duck has been warmly received by parents, therapists, and caregivers since it was first introduced. The toy was designed to make potty training enjoyable for children, and easier for parents. Awards such as this, as well as the recent high rating from the National Lekotek Center, confirm that we are on mission by producing toys that do more than just entertain, but that also ease the fear around potty training.”

Creative Child’s Awards Program takes a unique approach to reviewing products by having a panel of psychologists, educators, parents and children evaluate new toys based on educational value, creative nurturing, creative play, and overall value with respect to retail. Each product is tested by a variety of reviewers who are people who would purchase the product. Award winners are based on the scores and comments of the reviewers.

A complete list of all award winners will be posted online at www.CreativeChild.com.

The Potty Duck™ potty training toy is the first toy released by Potty Discovery LLC. Developed by a pediatrician, Potty Duck is based on guidelines for potty training from the American Academy of Pediatrics and has been recognized by experts, parents and caregivers as an important educational tool. By squeezing the soft rubber duck to make it pee and flushing the toy toilet, children are learning the steps to go themselves. Potty Duck received high ratings in 2017 from AblePlay of the National Lekotek Center and the Creative Child Magazine’s 2017 Product of the Year for the Toddler Products category. For more information, visit www.PottyDuck.com.

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